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Do you know who Ronaldinho Gaucho is? Here is the answer: Ronaldinho Gaúcho is the full name of a great football player Ronaldinho.
Ronaldinho is his first name. Gaúcho – last name. When this Brazilian soccer star has decided to continue his career in Europe, he thought that the full name containing sixteen symbols would not fit on the back of his shirt. There was no other Ronaldinho around and as Ronaldo (not Christiano, but the “real” Brazilian one) was enormously popular back in 2001 when Ronaldinho moved to Europe, this name seemed to be an excellent choice.
This site is a tribute to Ronaldinho – the great curly football magician with unique smile. His football career has been so successful that a wax copy of him has been made for Tussauds museum in China. He was also a first ever person to reach one million views on YouTube – all categories. Unfortunately he has not played for Brazil in World Cup 2010 and World Cup 2014. Who knows, maybe with Ronaldinho in starting eleven Brazil would win over Germany in semi-finals?